Cheap Mountain Bike Upgrades

These are things you can get for your bike that barely cost anything. Some of them make your bike better, some protect it, and some just make it look better. In any case, they're all CHEAP!

Cable End Crimps

These colored end crimps will protect the end of your gear and shift cables, while adding some style to your bike. This kit comes with a bunch of each color, so you’ll be able to choose the ones that match best.

Colored Zip Ties

Among other things, you can use these zip ties to neaten up your cables, or replace your c-clips (crap clips). This pack comes with 500 total ties in a whole bunch of colors.

Carbon Headset Spacers

Carbon headset spacers make your bike lighter, faster, and—well actually they just make it look cool.

Grip Tape

Grip tape can be used to add “traction” to your shift levers, as well as protect your chainstay. This can be cut to size with a scissor.

3M Electrical Tape

This high quality electrical tape comes in different colors, so you can neaten your cables, protect your chainstay, or tape stuff together in style.

Lock on grips

Lock on grips are a must have! If your bike didn’t come with them, these are way more sturdy and make it much easier to service anything in your cockpit.

Handlebar End Plugs

These handlebar end plugs replace the factory plastic or rubber plugs that are on your bike. While they are more durable, their main purpose is to look cool.

Anodized Valve Caps

These multi color anodized valve caps will protect your valve stem in style. I personally hate valve caps but it is a good idea to protect them.

Synthetic Chain lube

This is WAYYY better than cheap bike oil!