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This contact form is for fans who wish to get in touch with me. Due to message volume, it’s simply impossible to guarantee a response. Many comments and questions tend to be similar, so I have provided the answers to the most common ones below.

Q: How can I mail you something?
A: Seth’s Bike Hacks, Inc, 30 Westgate Parkway #330, Asheville NC 28806 United States of America

Q: What’s a good beginner bike? What bike should I buy?

Q: When will you ride my town? Will you announce it?
A: I generally do not reveal when or where I will be until after the fact

Q: Why don’t you ride a downhill bike?
A: When I travel it’s much easier to pack and assemble one bike that can do it all, and downhill bikes are only good for riding park. On a trip to Whistler, for instance, the bike park makes up only a fraction of my riding options.

Q: What is your height?
A: 5 feet 4 inches, or 163 centimeters

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