Gifts for Mountain Bikers

Here is a list of gifts that ANY mountain biker can use, regardless of their wheel size, riding disciple, or skill level. Fresh for 2015, here we go!

The best gift for a mountain biker, period.

Take a pair of bike socks, and put a multi-tool and a gift card inside of them. They will be happy to have the cycling socks, and then they'll be even happier to find a sweet multi-tool inside. When they discover the gift card in the other sock they'll freak out.

Check out the Multi-tools below!

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Allen Wrenches / Hex Keys

Allen keys are the most common tool used to service ANY bike. Mountain bikers can always use another set, and a surprising segment of home mechanics only have allen keys in their multi tools. A real, complete set can make repairs much easier.

Under $50 - Premium Allen Key Set

Professional grade, and real nice looking

Under $50 - Compact Premium Allen Keys

Smaller, professional grade, and really solid.

Under $40 - Good Allen Key Set

These aren’t bike-specific, but they’re the same damn thing.

Around $10 - No Frills Allen Keys

No frills allen key set made of good metal. Just as durable as the other sets but without fancy handles.

Cycling Socks

Yes, there are special socks for cycling. They are expensive, nobody likes buying them, and they make a great gift.


Click here to see a bunch of different styles. For the most part, socks are the same across all cycling disciples until you get into the really high end stuff. For the most part, cyclists have a use for any extra socks they can get, since the sport tends to wreak havoc on normal clothes. These socks are meant to dry quickly, breathe well, and handle the rigors of mountain biking or road cycling.

Multi Tools

Mountain bikers usually have several multi tools, so they're always happy to add another one to their collection. Here are some good, better, best options for the holidays this year.

Under $40 - Premium Lezyne Multitool

This one looks so nice they might be afraid to use it.

Around $20 - Real Good Multitool

Crankbrothers is a really trusted name in the mountain bike world, and this tool has everything you need on the trails.

About $13 - Compact Multitool

On the trails, smaller is better. For some reason I want to eat this tool.

Complete Tool Sets

Some mountain bikers have a huge toolbox with every specialty tool money can buy. This isn't the case for all though, especially someone who's just starting to get into the sport. These toolkits are a great way to get your loved one the stuff they need for most repairs.

About $260 - Premium tool set

When it comes to bike tools, “Park Tool” is what you’ll find actual bike mechanics using. When you see the blue handle, you know it’s legit. This kit has pretty much everything needed to break down and rebuild a bike, save for some really specialized tools. Get this for someone REALLY special.

Under $100 - Premium Starter Tool Set

This is a very basic tool kit, but everything has a “blue handle” on it. These professional grade tools come with a sweet little toolbox with the Park Tool logo on it. Get me one of these to keep in the back of the car please 🙂

Under $140 - Complete tool set

This “Bike Hand” tool set has everything needed to break down and rebuild a bike. For a home mechanic these tools should suffice, and there are an impressive amount of specialty items in this set. They don’t have blue handles, but they get the job done.

About $40 - Budget Starter Tool Set

For a beginner to mountain biking, this kit has most of the tools needed to perform basic repairs.

Tubeless Conversion Kit

When a mountain biker gets a flat tire, they change an inner tube to get going again. Tubeless conversion kits actually eliminate the need for an inner tube, which reduces weight and actually results in far fewer flats. Many mountain bikers are already riding tubeless, but chances are they have another bike they are looking to convert, or just have need for some more sealant. A Stan's Tubeless conversion kit is a great gift for almost any mountain biker who likes to work on their own bike.

About $60 - Tubeless Conversion Kit

This kit will fit almost any sized wheel and work on most tires. Included is everything needed to convert a mountain bike to tubeless, resulting in far fewer flats, lower rolling resistance, and less weight. This is a good gift for someone who is somewhat mechanically inclined and performs their own repairs. Even if they already ride tubeless, they can use some of the parts in this kit for maintenance.

Floor Pumps

Mountain bikers will use a floor pump almost every time they go out riding, so having a few of them laying around is not unheard of. For this reason, no mountain biker is going to use the gift receipt on a floor pump, unless you get the wrong one. Choose from the pumps below so you don't get it wrong!

About $60 - Premium Lezyne Floor Pump

This floor pump will never leave the garage, as it looks so nice and works so smooth they’ll be afraid to mess it up. Oh man do I want one of these…

Around $40 - Good floor pump

Here’s a really good floor pump that any mountain biker would be happy to own.

About $25 - No frills reliable floor pump

I actually own this floor pump, and it’s just as useful and reliable as my more expensive one. It looks pretty cool too in flat black.