MTB Chain Repair

Here are some products you can use to repair or replace your mountain bike chain. First check out this video to understand what all these parts do.

What chain fits my bike?

Luckily, it's pretty darn easy to find a new chain for your bike. Just count the gears in your rear cassette, and there's your answer. Have 11 gears? Get an 11 speed chain. Have 9 gears? Get a 9 speed chain. Keep in mind that the number of gears you have up front does not matter at all.

6, 7, or 8 Speeds

This chain works for cassettes with 6, 7, or 8 gears.

9 Speed Chain

This chain is for 9 speed cassettes

10 Speed Chain

This Chain works for 10 speed cassettes

11 Speed Chain

This chain works for 11 speed cassettes

11 Speed Chain (Gold)

This is the exact same gold chain featured in the video, which works for 11 speed cassettes.

Multi Tools with Chain Breakers

Here are some multitools you can bring with you while riding. Since they have chain breakers built in, you can use what you learned in the video to get back up and running in an emergency!

Lezyne Multitool

Is this better than the others? Maybe. Will it fix your bike better? Maybe. Get this because it looks super cool and will feel nice every time you use it.

Crank Brothers Multitool

This is one of the most popular multi tools out there… tried and true.

Cheap Multitool

This tool is cheap, but it’s kinda cool looking and has everything you need! I’d get one just because of the cool wood housing.

Huge Freaking Multitool!

I have this tool, and it’s enormous! With that said, it’s really complete, durable, inexpensive, and useful. I keep this in my toolbox, but never bring it with me.

Chain Tools

From good, solid chain breakers, to wear indicators, to master link pliers, you'll find it all down here.

Full Sized Chain Tool

This is a full sized chain breaker, which is really easy and pleasant to use.

Chain Wear Indicator

This gauge will tell you whether your chain is messed up, or REALLY messed up.

Compact Chain tool

This chain tool takes a little elbow grease to get going, but it’s good quality and does the job. Because it’s compact, you could throw this in your hydration pack or saddle pouch.

Master Link Pliers

Do you need this? Probably not. Most master links can be removed either by hand or with a set of narrow needle nose pliers. These sure to make the job easier though.

Shop Grade Chain Breaker

This is the mack daddy of chain breakers. This is what a professional bike mechanic uses.