This page is a supplement to my video, “What’s in Seth’s Toolbox”. I figured some of you would be asking about what each tool is called and where to get it. I have provided the links below.


park three way hex3-way Hex Tool
This is by far my favorite tool in the world. It’s easy to hold, has the three most popular hex sizes, and looks cool to boot.
pedros tire leversTire Levers
If tire levers are your thing, then these Pedros levers are awesome. Personally I have never broken one, and they always get the tire off.
pedros crank pullerCrank Puller
You can’t get a crank arm off without a crank puller, and you’ll destroy your threads with a crappy one. Don’t destroy your threads, get this one.
park shop scissorsUtility Scissors
If you want to cut nasty stuff, this is what you need!
Park bbt 9Bottom Bracket Tool
This tool is designed to remove external bottom brackets commonly found on mountain bikes.
master link pliersMaster Link Pliers
I’m not gonna lie, you don’t need these. For stubborn master links though, these work great.
park chain toolChain Breaker
This is a chain breaker, otherwise known as a chain tool. If you want to adjust links, replace your chain, or make repairs out on the trails, this is what you need.
bike gear brushCleaning Brush
This brush is great for cleaning all parts of your bike, especially your gears!
bike scaleCheap Fish Scale (for bikes)
This is not a bike scale, it’s a FISH scale! I use it to weigh bike stuff, and so far it has been great.
spoke wrenchesSpoke Wrenches
There are lots of things you can use to turn the nipples on spokes, but they all suck. Spoke wrenches are good.
cable housing cuttersCable Cutters
There are lots of things you can use to cut cable housings, but they all suck. Cable cutters are good.
park cassette toolCassette Tool
Okay, so there aren’t a lot of things you can use to remove the cap at the end of your cassette. This is the only game in town!
pedal wrenchPedal Wrench
Stop! You might not need this. The only time you need a pedal wrench is for BMX, kids bikes, and older bikes. Most pedals now work with hex.
cheap truing standTruing Stand
This is the cheap truing stand from the video, but I have seriously outgrown this. If you have inexpensive bikes or old bikes, this should do just fine. If you have thru axles or need to dish wheels, this won’t be good enough.
chain whipWhip
This helps you hold the cassette in place while you remove the lock ring.
headset cup removerCup Remover
For removing headset and bottom bracket cups with a mallet.
third handCable Puller (third hand)
There’s a good reason this is called a third hand. If you’ve ever tried to put tension on a cable while also clamping it down, this could have saved you some serious frustration.
pipe cutterPipe Cutter
For cutting handlebars, steer tubes, and seat posts without slaving away with a hack saw.
park repair standBike Repair Stand
The most important tool of all.