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Face Stickers


No, these stickers can’t be delivered outside the USA, but they can be here!

All stickers ship free! These high quality, vinyl, water resistant, die-cut face stickers are instantly recognizable. Anyone on the trails who sees this will know you’re a fan, so start a conversation and let people know what you’re about! If you order a shirt, you automatically get one of these stickers for free.

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1 Sticker $4.00, 2 Stickers $5.00, 3 Stickers $6.00, 4 Stickers $7.00, 5 Stickers $8.00, 10 Stickers $10, 50 Stickers $25, 100 Stickers $40


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Note: Ordering of hardtail shirts and stickers is disabled during my move to Asheville. Normal ordering should resume sometime in April.